Director's Message


Yagnesh Vachhrajani


Dear our valued Customer,
NIM Chemicals able to establish itself so strongly in the market with its core values and ethics. Our aim is to be the leader in the industry by 2025 with untiring and uncompromising efforts.
Our disciplined efforts, incomparable quality and price will lead us to become be a renowned industry internationally as we are in India today.
Thank you for being our loyal partners.

Yagnesh Vachhrajani

NIM Chemicals was established in 1988. With the ability to visualize beyond fix limits, our founder director Mr. Yagnesh Vachhrajani decided to start steadily with “Citric Acid” as key product. With the dedication and hard work NIM Chemicals nicely established themselves in the competitive market within a short span of time.

To be a trusted company with deep customer insights and engaging relationships with all stakeholders in industrial chemicals & consumer products, aiming to become a complete industrial hub by 2025.

Our mission is Delivering finest quality products at competitive rates with uncompromising quality services. Strong ties with related companies within India and outside India to establish a global network in the industrial chemicals industry.

After establishing in the chemical market, NIM Chemicals has started trading into more and more products. With dedicated and consistent efforts, NIM Chemicals have started its own imports from 1996. Then after NIM Chemicals have started targeting new markets throughout Gujarat and across the states.

With concentrated efforts and visionary directors/leaders, NIM Chemicals is one of the leading names in industrial chemical trading markets. NIM Chemicals is one of the leading importers of the Citric Acid in the region. We are no more a small trading company, but the fastest growing multimillion chemical companies.

These numbers reflect our current position and value in the market.

  • NIM Chemicals having a projected growth rate of 25% annually.
  • Our average consumption of Citric Acid is 250-300 Tons per month.
  • Our average turnover of the previous 3 years is around 2.6 Million USD.

We have expanded our wings throughout India now. Our head office is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India. We have set up our offices in Baroda, Surat, Ankleshwar and Mumbai.

After covering significant market space in India and with the vision of the leading chemical industry, we are now on the verge of entering into new market opportunity with the EXPORTS.

Today the world had changed. It is growing with latest technologies much faster than ever before. To keep up with the pace, NIM Chemicals is dedicated to supply the product anywhere in the world without compromising on the quality. We are working hard to deliver best of the best services and setting up our footprint in the global market.

NIM Chemicals able to establish itself so strongly in the market due to its strong ethics and values. With the vast industry experience and strong ties with national and international agencies, we are now able to produce bulk industrial chemical from the manufacturer at very competitive rates which can be benefited to our esteemed customers.

With the latest technologies, it’s quite possible to have a healthy business relationship and establish the trustworthiness in any part of the world. Our strong belief in transparency, honesty and smart working led us to establish very good business relations with existing customer and we are confident to share similar relations with our new customers.

NIM Chemical is looking forward to have you as our highly esteemed customer.